afl coding

Kuber dhan is designed the top level coding for amibroker as per your condition

Minimum 4/7 days are taken for design and the code and also depend to condition

after develop the code first we show you trial in your machine and after we are provide to you

wee have a full team for develop and design your condition to afl

cost are depend to condition

payment mode No cash online or app payment allowed

kuber dhan aAFL to DLL

kuber dhan also protect your afl to dll maximum time 3/6days

DLL cost depend also to conditon and validdation

Locking bby highly programmer

24*7*365 days full support

What is AFL
AFL stands for AmiBroker Formula Language.
AmiBroker is equipped with a powerful formula language allowing you to write trading system rules, define your own indicators and custom commentaries. This chapter explains the language, gives you detailed reference of built-in analysis functions and shows how to use AFL-tools such as automatic analyzer and formula editor.


01. Convert AFL to DLL

02. Anti-Debug 

03. Anti-Tamper 

04. Anti-ILDASM 

05. AFL License Manager 

06. Set no. of days of license expiry to limit the use of AFL

07. Machine wise licensing of AFL