1 why should i use Kuber Dhan Trading system ??

answer - Kuber Dhan trading system Provides  proper guidance to traders regarding how to trade in Indian stock market.

Kuber Dhan Trading system gives buy sell and stop loss signal based on proper calculations of indicators and volume.

2 How could i can decide of buy and selling squity using Kuber dhan trading system??

Answer - Kuber Dhan Trading system  gives live buy & sell signals for particular stock.

 These signals are based on the calculations of indicators. Trader can easily make decision of whether

to buy a scrip or sell a scrip through traderguide’s live signals.

3 can i get the access to EOD data if i purchase live data ??


Answer - Yes, you can have access to EOD data if you purchase live data.


4 why there is difference among various package of Kuber Dhan ??

Answer - Kuber Dhan Trading system provides different products with different features and that’s why price are different.

5 Can Kuber Dhan provide customized Afl to create my own queries and strategies ??

Answer -  We have the Developers that they will build the afl on your rules


No, the software license provide only for one system with one ID, you cannot use the software in more than one system, if you need to use in two systems like your home/office PC, you have to purchase one more license.

7 question - Why 90% of Traders Fail or Lose Money ?

answer - There are a few different reasons why this statement came about. One of the reasons is that people think very directional or 

they focus very much on what they think and they stick to it they won’t change their mind, they won't go up out of their comfort zone.

 For example if you're a trader who only thing directional buying low and selling high or

on the short side selling high and buy things back lower then that's the way you're going

to try to trade, you’re going to trade that directionally and you have really 50-50 chance

at getting it right or maybe a 33.3 chance if the stock standstill.

 Basically can go up, it can go down or you can stay where it is but really you have a

50-50 chance at getting it right. Now the problem here is people get impatient. So even if you

do get things right you might be impatient and you might get out way too soon or the stock may have some

 confluence behind it, dips a little lower and then you get out and then stock continues higher.

 Again you’re getting out too early and you don’t have the patience.

 Finally the third thing is that people are hoping and praying. If the stock actually tanks a little bit lower and then it goes down even further you know you're stops you know where you’re comfortable with you're having trouble sleeping at night then all of a sudden people start hoping and pray and in this business hope and prayer does not work well that works great for a lot of

other things and other industries and other areas of life however in the stock market you need to eliminate hope and prayer and you need to stick to a proven strategy.

8 question - What is mean by Automatic Buy-Sell Signal Software?

Search & Select software is a Technical Analysis software developed by Experience Trader having more experience in Trading with

Cash – Future Option, Commodity Trading. “Search & Select” gives highly accurate buy – sell signals with double confirmation using advanced FILTERING System

9 Do you provide Free Live demo before purchase?

 We arrange regular seminars in various cities, as well as Webinars.

The person who is interested to see the performance Seach & Select  Buy Sell signal software can see the FREE ONLINE DEMO in LIVE MARKET & offline.

We will provide a demo in real time online through desktop sharing software like Team Viewer, Ammy Admin, Any Desk etc.

10 Your data contains which segments?

  We are hiring data from Legal Vendors who are providing data for Indian Markets. Following are the segments available now.

NSE Cash,  NSE Futures



11 Whether the Paid amount is Refundable?

We provide all the prospects real-time free demo, seminars, webinars to see the LIVE  & Past PERFORMANCE before purchasing the software.

We are getting the necessary files

for installation once we make the payment. The amount once paid will not refund under any circumstances.

12 How do I Make the Payment?

 You can make the payment in the following methods

Online Transfer Using Net banking, Or Deposit Cheque / Cash to our Bank A/C

Pay Through  Paytm OR Pay Phone Facilities.


13 How do you install the software after making payment?

Once the payment confirmed, concerned person will send a link to you by e-mail for desktop sharing software and setup downloading Link. Once the file is ready for installation, we will connect your system and install the software remotely through online. After the installation will give you login details and train you how to use the Software. The whole process will take from  30 minutes depends on your internet speed.

14 What to do if I want to format the system?

You have to contact us.

We will take necessary back up from your system, and once you’re formatted your system our technical person will re-install Software in your fresh system,

this facility provided to the customer at free of cost 2 time in year .