What is C9 set up? 
The C9 indicator consists of a set of numbers (from 1 to 9) & the letter ‘C’. The numbers & the letter ‘C’ are displayed on price charts at specific locations. 
When a series of C9 numbers from 1 to 9 appear below prices, selling may be getting exhausted. When a series of C9 numbers from 1 to 9 appear above prices, buying may be getting tired.

Warning: C9 reversals which are under way or incomplete can be cancelled and disappear, therefore this option should be used with extreme care.
The setup starts with number 1. As far the conditions meet with the price action, the setup continues to the next number. In between if price action differs from the conditions then the setup abruptly vanishes.
In the chart below (Nifty 60 min timeframe), the C9 Setup (downside) started and reached till number 6.

Now data has updated for the next 60 min. In this the prices action differs with the Setup condition. Thus the number vanishes and also a new setup (upside) starts.


C9 reversals are assumed to be completed when 1 to 9 numbers appear on the chart. After 9, ā€˜Cā€™ can continue but the pattern will remain visible, and considered complete.

A complete C9 Setup