dear friend here we are showing you over three robo and how is it check it

this is multi client robo that is work with any strategy . you can add your client and you can give him the trading symbol for example i want that one client ab01f602 i want to trade in this id nifty and bank nifty and crude oil other client i want to trade in only nifty and i can give lot size as per client want . you can give the symbol mapping in every client if you have the strategy and there have proper buy sell short cover inut is there our robo will execute the trade

this is cash robo where you can add your cash script and give the trade through exposure and you can use there target and stop loss and trade will be going through the kohinoor alerts

this robo will execute all the trade as you want in single machine and in multiple acc as you want . there you can use your strategy and alsi you can use the our backtested strategy

for live trade execution or any thing want to know aout robo please make us call on 7043805202