Dear Visitors find out the today’s top perform chart of the day and mostly given the 1% output of the day here one thing that mostly person do why we have not see the technical indicator and other thing for trading in our mind we thing only two thing profit and loss if continuously 2 days we get the profit then we forget to check anything like any afl any indicator etc and just thing that my way is SUPER here we forget that this way also give us a loss . we have not book profit and we have not mention Stop Loss also . why because i have getting the profit against that if we get today’s loss then we are searching which is good and for one day or two day we just check if unluckily market is sideway so u just thing that no this is also a false strategy we blame on strategy that its not a good .

Now i just suggest if you want to earn a money just develop or follow a good stratey minimium 30 days in paper mode or in cash segment after that decide and also make your rules and follow strategy rules for that theen and then u can earn a good strategy

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