Dear Friend today first i want to ask you one question simply please comment your answer i want to know that How much loss or profit you gain in stock market. Have you the reason behind that what the reason that you have gain or get loss . if you gainer that mean you have your simply rules that you follow and if you get loss that mean you blindly believe in everyone and playing blindly . Today i want to give you a simple example just imagine that daily you trade in SBIN in 100 share so total investment is 29910 rupee here if u want to target is 5000 or 6000 mean you are gambler .if your target is 2500 too 3000 you are a professional trader that believe in only 1% output of investment just image that you have taken 1:3 risk reward ratio you have taken 10 trade so your target is 25000 – 30000 or your stoploss is 10000- 12000 now we now every trade we never get false if we have get five trade tgt and five trade stop loss so here stop loss is 5000 against the target is 15000 now if we remove our stop loss we get the 7000 to 8000 profit in only SBIN

here is today’s top perform chart how to trade and when to trade just make us a call on the 8154068850