Dear visitor kuber dhan is now updating the two day’s chart view as per we know that Thursday market is upside and yesterday mcx market mostly gold is going the so high as of now as per chart view if we are making trade with re entry and profit booking we can get the good profit and also most thing is what that here is no need to carry of trade because when ever market going in dull or sideways the software exit you and book profit or a small stop loss . here we are not giving you only kuberdhan chart we are provide you a school there you can learn lot of the thing like a start with small amibroker basic operation to how to integrate the indicator bands averages and which one is better what kind of senerio need to buy what kind of senerio need for book multi thing is there . kuber dhan believe in to learned and we have have a community for the active trader . so if you want to join us you can make us a call or you can fill the call back form also 8154068850