Dear sir today i want to introduced with the new strategy of option writing and option buying strategy

Option shorting strategy according to time – so in this strategy we have making the base symbol NIFTY and given the time is 9:25 to start a trade . i have mention perameter that i need call and put both i want to short in strike step of 50 .and there i have putting the 3 tgt that firrst tgt is my 20 % sec tgt is 30 % and third is 40% and stop loss 20% as i have mention

now when the time is 9:25 and that time market as per open on 11320 robo will take the 11300 cell and 11300 put both it will short .so safer side in both we have something here is the today;s trade detail already 2nd tgt done

same work in long time long option strategy

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