dear visitor from last many days we are checking that someone asking for the positional trade and what we need for position trade . every body know that mostly 80 % client are making profit in position . We daily talked with our customer for the trade some one is doing intraday and someone is doing positional .

for positional trade what exact we need

1 company profile as per example reliance right now type up with google and google are investing the fund so it will give a good put

2 technical indicator . daily clients are telling that i have getting loss by help of advisory company and after that they have start the technical course and follow technical indicator for the trade and now i am more confident to make a decision ………why because in indicator they have backtest with the small invest and they follow the rule thats why they have getting the profit

3 which indicator we need to follow – we have not telling that just follow these indicator you can use any indicator make a prefect combination like if i am following the rsi and macd then what i need more so i can add ccn and bb with differenet perameter

4 for positional if you follow 55 and 200 ema that is also a good to make a good return

we have custom the afl as per the customer required and that is the dynamic strategy we have create that in future u can modify all the perameter that u want