Kubera is the God of wealth & is known as Dhanpati . He is also the king of Yaksha (the guardians of Earth). As the God of wealth and material. Check our advisory calls Below


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Kubera is the God of wealth & is known as Dhanpati . He is also the king of Yaksha (the guardians of Earth). As the God of wealth and material, his responsibilities are to distribute them while creating wealth is the responsibility of Lakshmi. Kubera is not an important deity and  his images are very rarely seen, though he is frequently referred to in the epics. 

Kubera is also known as Yaksha-raja (king of the yakshas), Iccha-vasu (who has wealth at will), Nara- raja (lord over men) and Ratna-garbha (womb of jewels). Kubera is one god that all the three religions of India namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism all claim to be their own.

Kubera’s domains are all in the high Himalayas, partly because he is the guardian of the North, 
but also because mountains are the repositories of mineral wealth. Kubera watches over the earth’s 
storehouse of gold, silver, jewels, pearls and nine NIDHIS (special treasures).

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How Kubera became a God?


There are two versions of how Kubera was elevated to the stature of a god.
The first version postulates that Kubera performed stringent austerities for thousands of years and, as a reward, was promoted by Go Brahma.

Another version is that one day Kubera had gone to rob a temple of Shiva. During the robbery Kubera’s taper had somehow been blown out. No matter how hard the dwarf tried he could not relight the taper. Nevertheless, he persisted with his efforts no matter how nefarious they were and, on the tenth attempt, he succeeded. Shiva is a benign god who is often pleased by the most illogical of efforts. This perseverance of Kubera’s in his attempt to rob the god’s temple won him much admiration from Shiva who subsequently granted the dwarf access to the Hindu pantheon of gods.

Kubera and Buddhism

Kubera is also worshipped by the Buddhists, where he is looked upon as the guardian of the North. His characteristic symbol is the mongoose, often shown vomiting jewels. In the Buddhist pantheon he is also known as Jambhala, probably from the jambhara (lemon) he carries in his hand. He is always represented corpulent and covered with jewels. His right foot is generally pendant and supported by a lotus-flower on which is a conch shell.

Jambhala is the Buddhist form of the Hindu god of wealth, Kubera. He is fat and covered with jewels and holds a mongoose in one hand and a flaming jewel in the other


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